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Patrick has been enthusiastically producing and performing original music in Ableton Live since 2007, and as Momentology since 2015. He is a dedicated full-time music producer and performer, with his passion guiding his career. 

As Momentology, Patrick has produced over 400 songs including a variety of remixes, collaborations, and collaborative work for hires. These production genres include electronica, downtempo, world, singer-songwriter, acoustic, deep house, dub, blissful bass, tribal, IDM, ambient, jam, funk, blues, and more. This list is ever-evolving, as music has a life of its own which shows up in unique bpms, rhythms and sounds that shape the genre. 

Services include music production, remixes, mixing, mastering, live performance setup, instrumentation, workflow optimization, & more. 

Music Services: Services


Patrick welcomes all inquiries for music production services including arrangement, songwriting, mixing, mastering, or full song production & recording. 

If you have a vision for an original song, or you feel like your song needs a fresh set of ears and Momentology would be a good fit for the project, please reach out below.

Currently taking on a limited number of new projects and collaborations.


Momentology has remixed a plethora of artists of a wide variety of genres from around the world.

Other music producers often remix original Momentology songs.

If you are interested in getting your songs remixed, or doing a remix for Momentology, connect below.

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